Congratulations to newly elected FIPNA Team members (01/28/2018)

Adiwasi Abhiwadan

Newa Guthi, New York would like to congratulate all the newly elected team members and at the same time, we would like to give a sincere thanks to all candidates, both elected non-elected, who have shown keen interest and good faith in Federation of Indigenous peoples of Nepal in America (FIPNA) on the election that was held yesterday (01/28/2018).

At the bottom line, we all are indigenous family. So, for us, all the indigenous members are equally respectful and equivalent either we win or lose while exercising democratic voting system. Without our own unification embedment, cooperation with each other and ample support for every opinion, any members of FIPNA cannot perform his or her responsibility alone. It is our team effort and respect for each other’s opinion that brought back FIPNA together.

The election was just a formality to bring all the members together and bring unity and peace. The whole motive of this organization is to preserve our indigenous community and to plan the road map of FIPNA and for that both elected and non-elected team members plays a major important role

Thus, we kindly request all the FIPNA members and associated communities to keep up brotherhood relationship stronger for the betterment of the FIPNA. We need each other, hand in hand, to accomplish our every difficult tasks and duties coming ahead.

We would also like to give sincere gratitude to our Legal Advisor Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, election commissioner Mr. Bharat Moktan Tamang, election panel, and all other respectful volunteers who played a very major role to make this election possible and successful despite all the conflicts.


In solidarity,

Bijay Man Singh
General Secretary
Newa Guthi, New York