Bhintuna Rally 1138

247 / 250

We are very proud to organize the First Bhintuna Rally 1138 in New York. More than 50 people joined the rally. People came in traditional attire and gather at Diversity Plaza. They wrote a New Year wish in a piece of a  clothes and attached them on bamboo stick called Duniya. All participants were offered Swoka and Tika, sponsored by Rara Group Inc. Rally was accompanied by Dhimay Baja. People were holding Bhintuna banners and enchanting "Bhintuna du Bhintuna", "Nhu daya Bhintuna", "Bhintuna ya sa jwana", "Jhi Nepa pi Woya chwona".  We would like to thank our special guest Honorable Deputy Consul General Puspa Raj Bhattarai, Honorable Consul Krishna K Subedi and other distinguished members from different Nepalese organization in New York. We would also like to thank all participants and volunteers.  Finally, special thanks to Supriya Manandhar as a Rally Coordinator.